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Original DIY 3D Printing Pen

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Product Name: 3D Drawing Pen

Brand Name: KidsTime

Model No.: KT-001B

Product Size:184X31.5X46mm

Input Voltage:12V/2A

Pen Nozzle Inner Diameter:0.7mm

Consumable Material: ABS/PLA

Consumable Material Diameter:1.75mm

Melting Temperature:160-210℃(Use PLA Filament);

210-235℃(Use ABS Filament)



(1)Before using this pen,please read the user manual.Please confirm the material type(ABS or PLA),if you buy new filaments and choose the right work mode.

(2) It is suitable for kids above 5 years old. Smaller kids shall be accompanied by parents.



1. Plug in and the RED light will be on.

2. Select the work model ABS or PLA by pressing the temperature button according to the material type.

3. Press the Load Filament Button to warm up.

4. After about 1 minute the green light will be on. Insert the material and keep pressing the Load Filament Button.

5. Keep pressing the Load Filament Button to start drawing.

6. Adjust the speed button to control spraying/Loading speed to meet your demands.

7. Stop pressing if you don't want to draw.

8. The 3D pen will be in sleep mode if it does not work for 2 minutes. Press the Load Filament Button to week up.

9. Finish drawing and press the Unload Filament Button. After the material is out,press the button again to stop.

10. Unplug the adapter and cut the sharp end of filament to make sure it is flat for the next time use.

11.  Do not touch the hot nozzle.It may hurt you.

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